Welcome to Imperial College Dance Club

IVDC 2023

The Imperial Dance Club has a rich history of over 50 years of nurturing dancers of all abilities, encouraging all to achieve excellence; it doesn’t matter if you were born to dance or born with two left feet, Imperial’s Dance Club will guide you to achieve your best!

We provide lessons covering 12 distinct dance styles on a regular basis, with occasional taster sessions offering a glimpse into other styles. We have some of the world’s best instructors who, through their expertise, propel both beginners and experienced dancers along their dancing journey, whilst still maintaining a fun and relaxed atmosphere that all can enjoy. Whether you are looking to compete or to enjoy social dancing, we have you covered.

Being the biggest student-run club in Imperial with the most numbers of alumni members, we have a large, diverse, and welcoming family that continues to embrace new beginners to our team every year.

There’s much more to explore on our website - check out our Ballroom and Latin Team, Salsa and Bachata Team, Instructors and FAQ pages to learn more. And don’t miss our latest updates on the Blog. So don’t be shy: check out our website, and contact us if you are interested in joining!