We have a team of world-class, dedicated resident instructors that teach our students. They are: Laura Fox and Marika Doshoris. On occasion, we also have amazing guest instructors who introduce new styles, such as Argentine Tango and Kizumba.

Laura Fox

Laura Fox at medal ceremony

Laura is a director at The Dance Lab in London and a multi-award-winning dancer: British National Amateur and Professional Finalist, four-time Professional Rising star Champions and finalists, and many more. It is no wonder why the Imperial Team has been winning numerous awards for the past years!

Laura’s journey into dance began out of sheer curiosity at the age of thirteen, and has not stopped since. Her passion for dancing and teaching is truly inspiring, and we are very fortunate to have her.

When asked what words we would use to describe Laura, we universally say that she is friendly, caring, and inspiring! No matter your level, she strives to ensure that each of us progresses as much as we can and takes personal interest in our development as dancers. Moreover, with her friendly, relaxed teaching style, using amusing analogies and exercises to explain new techniques, it is impossible not to enjoy her dance sessions!

Marika Doshoris

Marika Doshoris performing

Marika is an exceptionally accomplished dancer, having previously been ranked number one in the UK WDC World Ranking in professional Latin! She is a three-time British National Professional Latin Champion, a two-time Closed UK Professional Latin Champions, and has many more achievements to her name.

She is a force to be reckoned with, and we are thrilled to be learning from her! Her teaching has resulted in Imperial College’s domination in the university dance competitions over the past years, leading to many awards for our club.

Marika’s pursuit of the highest standards is nothing short of inspiring; her knowledge of how to utilise even the most intricate movements to create a massive effect is astounding – even more so when you feel the pain of moving those parts of your body that you didn’t even know you could move! Her high regard for standards in our performance, techniques, and fitness has propelled us forth and brought us great success; for that, we are very grateful.