The Imperial College Dance Club (ICDC) Committee consists of elected student volunteers who handle the administration and organisational duties required to run the dance club. The committee includes 16 positions, each with distinct responsibilities related to managing club finances, organizing events, coordinating practices and competitions, promoting the club, and more. This page outlines the primary administrative duties for each committee role, providing an overview of the committee structure and operations. With over 250 fee-paying members, ICDC is one of the largest student societies at Imperial, requiring substantial behind-the-scenes coordination by the committee to function effectively.

The committee is structured into several sections to distribute responsibilities and share the workload evenly among members. The President and Team Captains provide overall leadership and direction. The Vice Presidents oversee major functions like events, publicity, and competitions. The operations roles keep the club running through tasks like treasury, secretarial work, web management, beginner training and costuming.

All Committee Members

All committee members are responsible for fulfilling their rota duties, including charging for classes, cleaning the practice venue, guaranteeing a safe and positive training environment and being a good public face and first point of contact for people interested in the club.

Specific administrative duties include:


2002-03Chea Lim
2003-04Philip Braude
2004-05Philip Braude
2005-06Anne Wirth
2006-07Joanne Horton
2007-08Timothy Wendland
2008-09Chaw Tay
2009-10Qian Liu
2010-11Amelia Al-Qazzaz
2011-12Sanee Patel
2012-13Jane Langdon-Davies
2013-14Robert Kruszewski
2014-15Alice Tang
2015-16Alice Tang
2016-17Henry Hesten
2017-18Edward Law
2018-19Benjamin Biggs
2019-20George-Luca Florescu
2020-21Bowen Kwan
2021-22Bowen Kwan
2022-23Izabela Jaszcz
2023-24Timothy Langer (replaced Adrien Carrel from October 2023)

The President is the person ultimately responsible for everything that happens in the club, defining the club’s general direction. The President ensures that the committee works efficiently as a whole: delegating tasks when necessary, resolving disputes if and when they arise and liaising with 3rd parties such as the College and the Union. The public face of the club, the President is ultimately responsible for all of the club’s actions, both financial and otherwise. They should be familiar with the club’s constitution, the Union’s policies and the safety and security regulations of the College.

Specific administrative duties include:

Team Captains

The two Team Captains provide leadership and direction for their respective dance teams. They motivate team members to practise and improve, whilst fostering a positive team culture and resolving any conflicts. The Captains serve as the representative and point of contact for their team.

There are two Team Captain positions - one for the Ballroom & Latin Team and one for the Salsa & Bachata Team. They share a core set of administrative duties, which include:

Salsa & Bachata Team Captain

2015-16Elizabeth Larose Cadieux
2016-17George Punter
2017-18Choi Yau
2018-19Martin Priessner
2019-20Pierre Valassakis
2020-21Angelos Artemiou
2021-22Angelos Artemiou
2022-23Rodrigo Quilelli Correa Rocha Ribeiro
2023-24Loveday Hedgcock
2024-25Loveday Hedgcock & Zach Hobart

Ballroom & Latin Team Captain

YearNameName 2
2002-03Thomas Pritchard
2006-07Erh-Hsuin Lim
2011-12Bryony Frost
2012-13Julia Zimmermann
2013-14Philip Fol
2014-15Philip Fol
2015-16Sirawit Ittisoponpisan
2016-17Christopher Ho
2017-18Kirsty BarronSarah McMullan
2018-19Kerys Borg
2019-20Victor Solecki
2020-21Iris Roatiș
2021-22Madison DorrzapfSophia Jiang
2022-23Kennedy Au
2023-24Dan Wilcox (replaced Eleftheria Safarika from January 2024)

Additional duties specific to the B&L Team Captain:

Social Secretary

2003Thomas Pritchard
2004Joanna King
2005Joanne Horton
2006Laura Cobden
2007Melissa Turcotte
2008Danial Yusoff
2010Shane Alam
2011Bonita Leung
2012Patricia Woodbridge Ortega & Vlad Anton
2013Fabian Manke & Suny Conscione
2015Isabel Yu
2016Isabel Yu
2017Anne-Marie Flower
2018Teodor Rusu
2019Lilian Magnus
2020Ines Perez Tabarnero
2022Lewis Ng
2023Eric Crowther

The Social Secretary comes up with ideas and organises fun events for the team, such as socials in the JCR or elsewhere. They are responsible for the entire social calendar of the club, including, but not limited to: the B&L Team Dinner in March, the Summer Ball and the IDEA Dance Show.

Specific administrative duties include:

Publicity Vice-President

YearNameName 2Name 3
2006-07Timothy Wendland
2007-08Michael Wai Ho Wong
2008-09Jason Lee
2009-10Raymond Tang
2010-11Xiangzhen Chen
2011-12Philippa Barker
2015-16Nga ChanOzan TokerHenry Hesten
2016-17Edward LawJunyi Hou
2017-18Edward da Fonseca
2018-19Ewa Kilinska
2019-20Gabrielle Rubin
2020-21Hamza Hussain
2021-22Sophia Jiang
2023-24Jake Woolley

The Publicity Vice-President maintains a vibrant social media presence and works together with the Art Director to produce publicity such as flyers, posters, leaflets, social media posts and promotional videos of good quality to keep up the club’s professional appearance.

Specific administrative duties include:

Art Director

2015-16Ventzeslava Davidova
2016-17Alice Tang
2017-18Freya Thomas
2018-19Alistair McMurray
2019-20Emma Guimaraes
2020-21Emma Guimaraes
2022-23Alicia Chin
2023-24Ioanna Bezirtzoglou

The Art Director is responsible for the club’s branding and style to be cohesive, welcoming and yet professional.

Specific administrative duties include:


YearName 1Name 2
2002-03JO ONG
2003-04Wei Tan
2004-05Christopher BassettWen Cheah
2005-06Arman SahovicDeepti Aswani Morjani
2006-07Laura Attipoe
2007-08Boon Koh
2008-09Michael Wai Ho Wong
2009-10Yanmin Leong
2010-11Yanmin Leong
2011-12James Samarasekara
2012-13Robert Kruszewski
2013-14Iain Bower
2014-15Roxana Alexandru
2015-16Jay Lim
2016-17Freya Thomas
2017-18Julia Chmielowska
2018-19Christopher Ho
2019-20Teodor Rusu
2020-21Emma Dolphin
2021-22Emma Dolphin
2022-23Keven Du
2023-24Ken Li

The Treasurer is responsible for all money-related matters in the club. Most importantly, the treasurer is responsible for the financial stability of the club and the punctual payment of all expenses. The treasurer must also ensure that the financial account on eActivities is correct and well-organised.

Specific administrative duties include:

Vice Captains

The two Vice Captain positions share a core set of administrative duties, which include:

Treasurer Vice-Captain

2011-12Julia Zimmermann
2012-13Belinda Ellingham
2013-14Aizar Enciso Dominguez
2014-15Jessica Charter
2015-16Elif Hucumenoglu
2016-17Claire Chan
2017-18Joseph Gittins
2018-19Priyanka Shah
2019-20Lucy Bett
2020-21Madison Dorrzapf
2021-22Izabela Jaszcz
2022-23Cynthia Qiu
2023-24Katherine Chulack

The Treasurer Vice-Captain manages team finances and passes, including:

Competitions Vice-Captain

2011-12Ariadne Whitby
2012-13Maria Goryaeva
2013-14Slavina Georgieva
2014-15Hon Chong
2015-16Daniel Stark
2016-17Ozan Toker
2017-18Kerys Borg
2018-19Johncel Perez
2019-20Alistair McMurray
2021-22Madison Dorrzapf
2022-23Alys Dally
2023-24Daniel Wilcox

The Competitions Vice-Captain handles all competition-related tasks, including:


2002-03Deniz Burulkara
2005-06Jing Jin
2006-07Miriam Ozanne
2007-08Christopher Bassett
2008-09Annabelle Weirong Chiong
2009-10Samantha Lee
2010-11Andita Shantikatara
2011-12Helen Thomas
2012-13Maria Graney
2013-14Ella Bentin
2014-15Rachel Tan
2015-16Claire Chan
2016-17Evgenia Agroti
2017-18Benjamin Biggs
2018-19George-Luca Florescu
2019-20Thomas Allen
2020-21Alistair McMurray
2022-23Mavis Goh
2023-24Lauren Gu

The Secretary is one of the principal officers of the club. They are in charge of the rota, the weekly email, and are responsible for monitoring the club’s mailbox. Specific administrative duties include:

Wardrobe Officer

YearName 1Name 2
2006-07Christina Jackson
2007-08Laura Cobden
2009-10Clarissa Poh
2010-11Alexandra Turner
2011-12Agnieszka Pinchinat-MiernikMaria Levitin
2012-13Slavina GeorgievaTsz Choi
2013-14Jemma Pilcher
2014-15Iga WisniowskaVentzeslava Davidova
2015-16Elizabeth GrayIga Wisniowska
2016-17Kirsty Barron
2017-18Mariya Pozdeyeva
2018-19Sarah McMullan
2019-20Carlota Sole Escobar
2020-21Sophia Jiang
2022-23Beatriz Jimenez Del PinoIris Roatiș
2023-24Hannah Ward-GlentonPaweł Pleśniak
2024-25Isula Seneviratne

The Wardrobe Officer is responsible for keeping the club’s cupboard organised and catalogued. They are responsible for dressing the team for competitions and answering dancer’s queries about costumes, dresses and make-up.

Specific administrative duties include:


2007-08Pierre-Adrien Gaudin
2008-09Soraya Merrylees
2014-15James Grant
2015-16James Grant
2016-17James Grant
2017-18George Punter
2018-19Luke Quinlan
2019-20Enda Mulville
2020-21Pavan Gill
2022-23Warren Smith
2023-24Timothy Langer

The Webmaster maintains the website, including the news section and the timetable.

Specific administrative duties include:

Beginners Trainer

YearNameName 2
2018-19Anna Litovskikh
2019-20Anna Litovskikh
2020-21Victor Solecki
2021-22Iris Roatiș
2022-23Bowen KwanKennedy Au
2023-24Iris RoatișKennedy Au
2024-25Iris Roatiș

The Beginners Trainer is responsible for actively participating in and leading the Beginners Team practices and delivering the Beginners Team programme, ensuring that newcomers to the club recognise that is a safe, friendly, comfortable and fun yet driven environment within which they can develop their dancing ability.

Specific duties include: