2022-23 Committee

This is our committee for the next academic year!

Imperial College Dance Club offers partner dancing classes for Ballroom & Latin (B&L) and Salsa & Bachata (S&B). You’ll also be able to meet us in person at the Fresher’s Fair on October 4th!


Izabela Jaszcz 3rd Year Medicine

What do you love about the club?

What I love about IC dance club is that there truly is something for everyone - from Salsa to Jive to Waltz, from never danced before to has been dancing their whole life - anyone can join and experience the joy of dancing :)

Vice President (Social Dancing)

Angelos Artemiou

Vice President (Publicity)

Ruth Goh


Mavis Goh 2nd Year Biology

What do you love about the club?

It’s difficult to find so many people who love ballroom in one place, yet here we are!!

Social Secretary

Lewis Ng 4th Year Computing

What do you love about the club?

I love IC dance club because it gives many people a sense of community to enjoy freely dancing. Getting into dancing can be a frightening experience but everyone is really friendly and more than willing to help, which I think makes for a really good environment for enjoyment!


Keven Du 3rd Year Medicine

Why do you love dancing?

It’s such an exciting and creative way of expressing our emotions and style, all the while having plenty of fun!

Team Captain (Ballroom & Latin)

Kennedy Au 3rd Year Physics

What is your favourite style of dance?

Samba because of how versatile the dancing is and how much the rhythm changes within one choreography (there are 9 rhythms in the Samba!).

Team Captain (Salsa & Bachata)

Rodrigo Ribeiro 2nd Year PhD Civil and Environmental Engineering

What is your favourite style of dance?

Salsa! I just love just how varied the style can be: from Afro-Rumba, New York, LA to many more! Eahc one with different rhythms that you can play and identify with. You can never be bored.

Vice Team Captain (S&B Open Level)

Loveday Hedgcock 2nd Year Chemistry

What is your favourite style of dance?

Salsa, it’s so fun and I love that you can dance with anyone once you know just a few basic steps.

Vice Team Captain (S&B Comps)

Raul Adriaensen 2nd Year PhD Earth Science and Engineering

What do you love about the club?

The openness and support from the community is my personal stand-out. Not sure if it’s just the character traits of the people who decide to start to dance or whether the hobby and music itself generates the great vibes. Much love to every member of this dance family.

Vice Team Captain (B&L Comps)

Alys Dally 2nd Year Chemistry

What do you love about the club?

I love the fact that in IC Dance Club if you ask practically anyone for help with learning a new step, or trying a new style they will leap at the chance to teach you. The kindness of people here is so beautiful.

Vice Team Captain (B&L Treasurer)

Cynthia Qiu 2nd Year Medical Biosciences

How long have you been dancing

I started dancing Latin when I was 9, but I stopped at 13 when I came to the UK to study. I have been having a delightful time at IC dance club as I can dance again.

Art Director

Alicia Chin 4th Year Chemistry

How long have you been dancing?

I’ve been dancing since I was 4 (started out with ballet) but only started Latin and Ballroom less than a year ago!

Wardrobe Mistress

Iris Roatis


Warren Smith 2nd Year Physics

What is your favourite style of dance?

My favourite style of dance is probably Samba, as the music has such an infectious rhythm and energy that you cannot help but want to move your body!

Beginners Trainer

Bowen Kwan 5th Year PhD Computing

What do you love about IC dance club?

EVERYTHING. Everyone is encouraged to dance in a very friendly and supportive environment regardless of your level. You are welcome to spend every minute of your time in JCR training with our enthusiastic teams, or just pop in to our social classes learning some fancy moves for our exquisite socials. You are guaranteed to enjoy the most exceptional dancing expereience here!