Hall of Fame

“You need to put the trousers on in this relationship” — Devon to Philip

“Devon, am I straight?” — Philip

“You need to be more cool, go do some shopping with Devon” — Marika to Chris

“You’re not professional, you’re not worthy enough to dance to this elevator music” — Anon

“Stepping on my feet shouldn’t be a competition guys!” — Marika

“Have you located your abs?” — Marika

“You have too many muscles, Devon!” — Marika

Chris to Ev: “There’s no chance of you seducing Devon”

Ev: “There’s always a chance”

“Have you got a bad knee, Devon? Is that why you don’t bend them in ballroom? I bet you bend them in samba… b*stard…” — Tash

On Philip complaining how long his legs were,

“You could always cut some off and give it to Devon” — Marika

At Internationals, Devon jiving to foxtrot music,

“Hmmm, I’ll give you a mark but you need to improve your jive kicks, they’re too high” — Marcus Hilton